BioDiesel Carbon Confidential Artwork

Carbon Confidential Prints

BioDiesel Carbon Confidential EP Art

BioDiesel is a 2-piece live electronica band consisting of Johnny Rabb and Clay Parnell. They came to me with their concept – the tree sprouting roots with audio cables at the end. It was a cool concept and I went with it, letting loose a bit with the colors and textures. It was a fun project and they really dug it!

the CS Carbunkle

The CS Carbunkle

The CS Carbunkle is a side project I initiated with some friends of mine as a basis for creative multimedia collaboration. It is also an airship.

BioDiesel Two One Live Artwork

BioDiesel Logo Concepts

BioDiesel Two One Live Album Art & Logo

It was a pleasure working with the BioDiesel guys again, this time creating a logo for their international tour and album art to go along with their live CD release. You can find more info on their website. Above are also some of the logo options I gave them.

the Red Garter Concept Artwork

the Red Garter Concept Artwork

Concept Art for the Red Garter - Forthcoming Novel

Concept art/ illustrations for the forthcoming fantasy title "the Red Garter."

Awakened Apparel T Shirt Designs

Awakened Apparel T Shirt Designs

Awakened Apparel T-shirt Designs

These are a few silkscreen T-shirt designs I created for an apparel company idea I was working on a while back.