Fred's Tavern Web Design

Fred's Tavern - Drupal Web Design with e-Commerce

Currently developing a new website for Fred's Tavern, a Jersey shore classic (not to be confused with the TV show of the same name). They wanted an earthy, comfortable aesthetic with e-commerce capabilities for their official "Fred's Gear" and blog integration.

Quietmind Foundation Web Design

Quietmind Foundation - Drupal Web Design & Logo/Branding

To prepare for the large amounts of press they were to receive in regards to some new research studies on Alzheimer's disease, the Quietmind Foundation asked me to adapt the Quietmind Associates custom Drupal theme for the Foundation, their non-profit research group. I touched it up with some new modules, added some extra features, and adapted the content for better SEO. Take a look here.

Frogsquared Tadpoles Web Design

Frogsquared/Tadpoles App - Company Lead Designer

In my position as lead designer at Frogsquared (now simply called Tadpoles after their flagship mobile app), I did everything from creating the logo and mascot, to designing the corporate website, blog, and web app interface. It was a good experience, working closely with developers and newer technologies.

Integrative Tutoring Web Design

Integrative Tutoring - Web Design, Logo, & Print Design

Integrative Tutoring is a startup incorporating a new approach to academic tutoring that combines biofeedback and newer "brain enhancement" psychotherapy technologies with traditional one-on-one tutoring services. They needed their brand and website to reflect this synthesis of science and education and were quite pleased with how it turned out.

Quietmind Associates Web Design

Quietmind Associates - Drupal CMS Web Design, Logo Redesign, & Print Design

Quietmind Associates needed their whole brand to be revitalized. Working with Synthesized Design, I reworked the logo and created a variety of marketing material for print using the new brand, as well as a custom Drupal theme. Check it out here.